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List of usable hotkeys


tmux attach || tmux new

Connect to existing session or create new one. Best way for connecting to tmux.
Ctrl+b d Detach window without session lost.
Ctrl+b cCreate new tab.
Ctrl+b 0...9Navigate between tabs.
Ctrl+b p Navigate previous tab.
Ctrl+b nNavigate next tab.
Ctrl+b lNavigate previous active tab. (from what you get this one).
Ctrl+b &Close tab (or you can type exit).
Ctrl+b %Vertical split. 
Ctrl+b " Horizontal split.
Ctrl+b →←↑↓ Navigate between panels in one window.
Ctrl+b x Close panel (or you can type exit).
Ctrl+b PgUpEnter the "copy mode", after that: PgUp, PgDown — scroll; q - exit copy mode.
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